Sickness & Medication Policy

All of our staffing team are trained in first aid, however, they cannot administer medicines unless prescribed by a doctor and are deemed essential. If your child requires antibiotics really they should not be attending Pre-school and we ask that you keep them at home. We ask that parents inform playgroup as soon as possible if your child contracts anything contagious or infectious and we ask you to keep your child at home for a least 48 hours or as advised by your doctor. Some illnesses such as mumps require a longer period away from the setting i.e. 5 days.

Please follow these guidelines and if you have any questions please call playgroup:


If your child’s temperature is above 38 please keep your child at home until it has gone down to at least 36 degrees.

Sickness & Diarrhoea

Please do not bring your child to playgroup if they have vomited or have had diarrhoea. Please ensure they have been well for at least 48 hours before they return.


If your child has conjunctivitis we suggest they see a Doctor. We would advise they remain away from playgroup until it has completely cleared up and there is no discharge around their eyes.

Chicken Pox

We suggest your child remains away from playgroup until at least 5 days AFTER the last spots have appeared. The spots MUST ALL be scabbed and none of them can be weeping before your child returns.

Coughs & Colds

We suggest your child stays at home until their temperature is normal and until they are back to their normal selves. If their noses are streaming, they are coughing continually and they are sneezing please keep them at home as this stops them passing it on to other children and then hopefully your child won’t catch another one!

If you are unsure whether your child should be at pre-school please telephone either 01280 816228 or 07549 930745 on the morning and we will advise you accordingly.