Arrival & Collection Procedure

Starting at a new setting can be daunting for both parent and child so here is a brief outline as to what we do at the beginning and end of each session so you both know what to expect.

We suggest you arrive a couple of minutes early and either wait outside or if bad weather you can wait in the changing rooms. We do ask that children do not run around on the cricket pitch before the session.

If you have been waiting outside a member of staff will welcome you and direct you to the coat rack if it is not outside. Once you have located your child’s peg please remove outdoor shoes and put their plimsolls on and lead them into the playroom stopping to collect their name card on the way. If you have any post for us please put it in the box on the counter in the kitchen area. Continue along until you come to the playroom and encourage your child to post their name card into the post box in the playroom. Settle your child at one of the many areas or activities and say goodbye.

Enjoy your peaceful morning or afternoon.

The doors will be opened at 12.00pm or 3.00pm and again a member of staff will welcome you. Go straight through to the playroom and your child will be told they can come to you. Every child has a drawer where all work or notices are put. Please check their drawer before you leave and then collect their belongings from the changing rooms on your way out. Don’t forgot their lunch box if they stayed for lunch. If you need to speak to a member of staff please do so.

We ask you to provide the following in a named bag and bring it each time your child attends Pre-school:

  • Plimsolls
  • Spare underwear or nappies, wipes and nappy sacks
  • Change of clothes

Collection of Children by others

We cannot allow your child leave with anyone unless they are authorised by you on your Child Collection Record. This form is completed by you when your child joins playgroup. We also ask you for a password that you will only share with people authorised to collect your child.

If the person collecting your child is not on the list YOU must complete a form at Pre-school and sign it. The forms are available from the member of staff on the door and the collector will then be asked to sign it when they collect your child. This form will be kept on your Child’s file.

If a person is going to be collecting your child on a regular basis please ask a member of staff for your child collection form and add them to your list.